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Rates & FAQ

Pairing up with me to help meet your goals is an investment in yourself. Getting yourself in a better head space now will pay off in the long run in terms of your mental health, relationships, physical health, and overall life satisfaction.

Therapy is best suited for people who have a mental health diagnosis. It is helpful for those who feel as though their past is holding them back. Some of these issues may include abuse, trauma, or traumatic experiences/relationships in early childhood. 

Coaching can help those who have a specific goal in mind and want to improve their personal and professional life. Specifically, I help people build their meditation practices and gain a deeper understanding of how to align the mind, body, and spirit. This will help you to discover your true self. 

Not sure which is the best fit for you? Reach out to discuss your goals! 

This question really comes down to your response when I ask you: “Are you ready to let go?” Often, people immediately say “Yes!” But their patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and cycles say otherwise. Some people see changes right after 2-3 sessions. Healing is a journey. The more ready you are to jump right into it and release those old patterns that no longer serve you, you will be amazed at how quickly your life can change.  

I strongly believe that it is the relationships in our lives that can enhance or drain our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. This is why I value creating a safe and honest space within my sessions so that you can express, release, and grow. To heal our minds, we need to start healing the body. The body is what holds onto trauma, emotions, and deep rooted negative beliefs that can hold us back. As a holistic healer, I work with people on a mind, body, and energetic level. I integrate a lot of different practices and techniques into my sessions so that you can begin connecting back into your body, and getting out of your head. This allows the body to start letting go of past trauma and stuck emotions so that your body and mind can work together, for your greatest good, as opposed to against each other. 

A lot of different information will be covered in our sessions together. I recommend that you bring a notebook to write anything down that sticks out to you during our time together. When insights come up, they can easily be forgotten once you return to your day-to-day life. But these insights are vital to start shifting the direction of your life. 

Very often, I will give you things to work on outside of our sessions. The activities we discuss for you to implement will help you to continue the growth process between sessions. 

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